ST Movies Plus

ST Movies Plus



Category: Movies&Series  

DTH: Super

A 24 hour premium family movie channel driven by blockbuster, evergreen and relevant market related titles PROPOSITION : Strong blockbuster and marketable titles driven movie offering focusing on the top most watched genre in Africa PROGRAMMING: 25% Studio, 50% independent, 25% TVM focusing on popular genre such as Action, comedy, romance and thriller SCHEDULING: Key strategic slots for fresh premiers and strong title offering in primetime TARGET MARKET: Mass audience focusing more on the high television repertoire viewers, LSM 6-8 both male and female ages 18 -55 DIFFERENTIATOR: Uninterrupted movies, careful selection of relevant movies for the South African market and a mix of sub genre on one channel playing on rhythmic scheduling and viewing TONE & STYLE: Distantly and Proudly African in style and appreciation. Celebratory and fun

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